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  • Marcia Cunningham  shared a comment on Kmart 5Star Customer Service : Shopped at BigK in Murfreesboro TN today. Very impressed with check out lady ELAINE at this store. She was Very friendly and helpful and it was a pleasure to talk ith her.
  • Shirley J. Storey  shared a comment on Sears Hometown Store Customer Satisfaction Survey : Amanda is very friendly, helpful & knowledgeable ~ it was a pleasure to do business with her. I was disappointed in the fact that an hour before we went to Sears, I had gone on line and found where you could get a free trailer with a riding mower purchase but Amanda was not able to find the off so I "lost out". (supposedly was a $129.00 trailer)
  • David Wiebe  shared a comment on Perkins Guest Experience Survey : I am from out of town,when I come to Winnipeg,I come to Perkins. To me this is one of the best resteraunts I have been to. Service is excellent ,portions are excellent ,price matches with the quality and quantity to what you are paying for.
  • Richard Knowles  shared a comment on $5,000 Lowe's Customer Satisfaction Survey : They were very helpful at telling me where I could find what I was looking for.
  • Kreg Jarton  shared a comment on Cabela's Canada Customer Satisfaction Survey : Exellent service, great prices. only place to shop.
  • Linda Fontenot  shared a comment on Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey : Enjoy shopping at Krogers
  • Anonymous  shared a comment on $5,000 The Home Depot Gift Card Customer Survey : I was at the West Covina store (Azusa near Amar). I found the personnel to be very helpful, in particular Gary and Kelly. The funny thing is that I went in just to browse to kill some time while I was waiting for my son to be done working on a school project. Because I didn't want to go home to East L.A. and then drive back to West Covina, I went in to browse and came out with some neat cleaning stuff! Of all the Home Depots I have shopped, I found this store to be the friendliest and most helpful!
  • Randall C. Gengler  shared a comment on Win $1000 Wal-Mart Gift Card Survey : usually very helpful personel at the Medford store
  • Ed Spinnler  shared a comment on $1,000 Olive Garden Guest Survey : This is great especially when you hit the button but I can guarantee that I probaly have done this more than most but enjoy your good meals....................
  • Melinda Jackson  shared a comment on Walgreens Customer Survey : On 4/19/14 I was released from the hospital and decided to fill my prescription on this particular Walgreens #01310 not too far from my house. It was a breath of fresh air to be greeted and asked if I needed help; the associate happened to be a Manager possibly the Manager on Duty. The young lady at the pharmacy who was able to speak to me in Spanish was just GREAT, very helpful, and thoughtful. I wish all stores had more associates like this ones in their stores! 183 9580 0042 04/19/2014 1:21PM
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