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  • L. S. Pipes  shared a comment on Office Depot Customer Feedback Survey : I was most impressed by the outstanding service I received from the cashier, Adam Smalls. I will go out of my way to continue shopping at this store and strongly recommend it to all my friends.
  • Monica Quinones  shared a comment on Van Heusen Customer Survey : great!
  • Richard Candjon  shared a comment on Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Satisfaction Survey : prompt and efficent service every time I come into the store.
  • Cindi Scott  shared a comment on $1,000 Olive Garden Guest Survey : My husband and I recently had dinner at Olive Garden in Vallejo Ca. We like to eat at the restaurant simply to relax and enjoy the food. Our waiter was very attentive and very good at his job. This makes our choice easy when it comes to food.
  • Linda Ferrill  shared a comment on Rite Aid Pharmacy Survey : I went to my local Rite aid (on lakeshore blvd in Willowick, Oh. 44095) this evening with an rx to fill and I was concerned about the price, I am uninsured and the last time I had this medication filled it was over 80.00 (at Giant Eagle). The pharmacist was so helpful in offering to run it through using various discount groups and was able to get it for me for 21.99, I was so grateful. I wish I would have wrote down her name, she was so kind and Rite Aid will defiantly be my new go to place for my rx's.
  • Rachel Mills  shared a comment on Win $1000 Wal-Mart Gift Card Survey : Good luck to me, I never really win anything trying my luck.
  • Rhonda Cooke  shared a comment on Tell Coles Customer Satisfaction Survey : I like to comment on one of your staff members name Dana Monaei from Coles groceries department in Smithfield Cairns. Recently found out that my husband is diabetic 2. So i have change my shopping list for his needs that i can not find on the shelves .Ive given up asking staff members and management team. They couldn't be bothered or don't know there product. One day a staff member asked can i help you look lost. Yes please if you can i am looking for spice blend harissa, brocccini,zesty vinaigrette .Wow!!! she was just only happy to show me where every thing is and i was out of the shop in no time.I like to recommend her ( Dana Monaei ) very highly and appreciated for her great help.She sure knows her product.I have been going to her( Dana Monaie )when needed.Wish her all the best and hope one day she will fill her dreams. Thank you and many regards, Rhonda Cooke.
  • Wayne Medlin  shared a comment on $1,000 Cash Pizza Hut Survey : I had a very pleasant experience with my local Pizza Hut tonight. Paris took my order over the phone and also waited on me when I came in to pick up my order. She was extremely polite and helpful. She explained all the deals available that suited my needs. She was very nice and friendly when I came in to pick my order up as well. Overall Great experience!!!!
  • Roslyn Fadden  shared a comment on $1,000 Dollar General Customer Survey : It is always a pleasure to shop Dollar General, they have a good stock in a well kept store with pleasant personnel.
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