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  • Russell Johnson  shared a comment on $5,000 The Home Depot Gift Card Customer Survey : Enjoy doing business with Home Depot. I am in the store an avg. of 4 to 5 times each day for my business needs.
  • Daniela  shared a comment on C&A Shopping Experience Survey : me encanta la ropa de c&a,siempre que puedo voy a comprar para mi y mi hijo
  • Judith A. Allen  shared a comment on Charming Charlie Customer Survey : Very friendly. Had a problem with my first purchase and it was handled efficiently and fast. I shall return.....
  • Frank Molina  shared a comment on $4,000 Gift Card Sears Feedback Survey : The stores need to have product for Big and Tall males.
  • Susan Breidenbach  shared a comment on Office Depot Customer Feedback Survey : They are very friendly and always willingl to help you select the best product that fits your requirements .
  • Frank Rosencutter  shared a comment on Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey : cashiers at the stockton-pacific ave store vera and keely always go outta their way to help--i started shoping when the store first oppened-and look forward to seeing them over the past years--they are great
  • Arleen  shared a comment on Marshalls Customer Experience Survey : encontre lo que necesitaba.
  • Julia Cornblatt  shared a comment on The Home Depot Customer Survey and Feedback Report : Great Service and I think Home Depot is my favorite store!
  • Charles Long  shared a comment on Roundy's Customer Satisfaction Survey : The workers at the store are fine, but the adminstrators and the apparent greed for profit, and the disdain of the manager, well the store is not so good as the Plover store, but the old adadge, customer is always right, is not working here. I shop at several stores to get the best prices, and I like the free coffee with news, although it is available only about 5% of the time. At Plover it is seldom unavailable. I liked the woman in deli but she left and will not say why, but sex harasssment was not the issue she says. Once I was reprimanded for taking loose grapes for my pet parrots, so now I buy them. A few grapes do not weigh an oz, nor are the salable, but the crux was, and I did mention it, that I had asked permission to take them at Copps superStore and Wallmart and the guy at Wallmart got me a sack of grapes. But I cut them up for the birds and do not need a sack of grapes. Picking up the garbage helps the store, and with permission granted, I deny being a thief, but permission now has been rescinded rudely, well I now pay for the grapes. May the Lord bless Copps for providing full measure. For the pet birds I also buy walnuts halves and pieces, and you have to be pretty sharp to find half a walnut in walnut halves and pieces!!! Not full measure. I bought a bunch of Campbell soups for 88 cents each, and found on my ticket that I had been charged $2.29 for the can labeled all over the display at 88 cents. Now that is deception. I shall return it. I get my drugs filled there, and have not always had fair treatment there either. But it passes and I return for more. When things are on sale beware, a pretty sack of apples will rot on you before you use them. No store is perfect and they all seek profits, but Roundys are an out of town operation and I hope it improves, it is OK at Plover even now under out of town management.
  • Carrie Hoy  shared a comment on Win Sam's Club $1,000 Shopping Cards Survey : Everybody is very helpful and I love shopping there.
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