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  • Mary Duck  shared a comment on $5,000 Lowe's IWRSurvey : I really enjoy lowe's they are so helpful
  • Elena  shared a comment on Foot Locker EU Customer Satisfaction Survey : C'è una vasta scelta
  • Moses A Crain  shared a comment on Jewel-Osco Customer Satisfation Survey : Me and my wife was not happy today, we made a trip to jewel today.I am not going to say bad thing about everybody. One of the ladies in the Bakery made a point of getting my attention, I love the French bread,she told me,she had bread coming fresh out of the oven and brought me a fresh loaf of bread. Loved!! But when we went to check out,thier was no baggers, they were down at a another checkout,so we started to bag our gorciers,was a little upset that no was their,but the problem started with the person to bag. Her attuide was not the best,I have shopping at this jewel for almost 14 years. And this not the fisrt time I have run into a bagging problem. Both me and my wife is getting a little older,and we have our good days and bad. I may need help one day,will I get it without the attuide. I hope that I will get the good service that I get most time and we get ride of the not so good days!
  • Rafal Turek  shared a comment on Free Entree Panda Express Survey : ...
  • Angelica M Santos  shared a comment on $5,000 The Home Depot Gift Card Customer Survey : Estos dias fui a Homedepot en varias ocasiones y me atendieron de lo mas cordial, aun cuando las personas que me atencieron no hablan español ,buscaron de inmediato quien me atendiera en mi idiona natal. muchas gracias a todo el personal excelente atención
  • C. Monteleone  shared a comment on The Home Depot Customer Survey and Feedback Report : Jess Esconvido (?) asst. manager at your Glendora store really helped me with an irritating situation. 3 yr old water heater leaked and I was supposed to jump through hoops to get a credit authorization. Then........return it to the store before 2pm to confirm the authorization ( they are back east).....ridiculous. Home Depot should be sure a manufacturer is in line with great customer service BEFORE they deal with them. Anyways after talking to Jess and letting him know this procedure was unacceptable to me as a Home Depot customer, he took care of it and saved me a lot of nonsense. Never forget in retail.......I can go to Osh or Lowes to spend my money, make my experience with you painless.
  • Sharron L. Knauss  shared a comment on Dressbarn Customer Feedback Survey : Staff is always friendly and knowledgeable about clothing line and sizing.
  • Frank G. Adams  shared a comment on Win $1000 Wal-Mart Gift Card Survey : I am totally insulted that you would ask me to pay shipping and handling charges on a gift you said was free. How in hell can it be free if you charge me to get the free gift. It is real close to a scam
  • Donald Brown  shared a comment on Win $1,000 Cash Red Robin Satisfaction Survey : Food was great and our waitress Sara was wonderful
  • Keith Morse  shared a comment on $5,000 Lowe's Customer Satisfaction Survey : I purchased trimmer line. I looked and looked to see if I could find the same as that which came with the trimmer. Didn't find it nor was anyone around. I waited and looked and looked and waited. Still no one so I purchased what I thought to be the "closest fit" although it wasn't identical.
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