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  • Pat  shared a comment on Rite Aid Pharmacy Survey : everyone in rite aid is very friendly and helpful.
  • Kimberly Pflieger  shared a comment on Rite Aid Store Survey : You are always helpful in getting my medicine taken care of.
  • Ralph DeMattia  shared a comment on Win Sam's Club $1,000 Shopping Cards Survey : We go to Sam's NO LESS than once or twice a week, sometimes more often if we're having a party or something. It's a fun place to shop and love the prices!!!
  • Gail  shared a comment on $5,000 Home Depot Gift Card Customer Opinion Survey : The Store was very clean, and The Staff was very helpful, all of my questions was answer to the best of my asking . Where things were, or How to fine thing. So Thanks to The Home Depot Staff God Bless and have a nice day.OH Happy Easter to everyone. God Bless Amen.We Love Shopping at the Home Depot. Yours Truly Troy & Gail
  • B Watson  shared a comment on $1,000 Cash Pizza Hut Survey : My deliverly guy name was Ben. He was very proffesional & courteous. The pizza was great
  • Michelle P Nguyen  shared a comment on Off Broadway Shoes Survey : i love to shop for shoes at off Broadway . Everyone was very helpfull. love the price and a lot of shoes to choose...
  • Tracy Taylor  shared a comment on $2,000 Store Opinion Loblaw Grocery Customer Survey : I didn't receive my point tonight and this is the second time this has happened. This time I was told to come on here. I am not sure this is the right place but I will wait for your reply.
  • Ms. Ann  shared a comment on $2,000 Kmart Gift Card Survey : I recently found a pair of toddler skates on sale at my local Kmart. These Tinker bell 2 in 1 skates were toooo cute for words. My 3yr old loved them. To my dismay, they were the last pair & both left skates. When I had gone to customer service, I was directed to another Kmart that had 4 pairs (Arlington). I waited a day, went to that location, found the skates, went to customer service (because the skates were not on sale) & was told, "we do not price match, sorry." So, I chose not to purchase them. That night I decided to called my local Kmart and was so impressed with the determinism and pride they showed in making sure I was properly taken care of. They contacted another Kmart (Iowa) and arranged for me to pick up my skates for the sale price that was listed. Im convinced, excellent management is key to a successful store and #4706 and #4436 have just that. Thank you and my 3 yr old thanks you both! You Rock!!!!
  • Geoff Tracey  shared a comment on Sizzler Australia Customer Experience Survey : I had the same problem.You have to do it the American way,(it's obviously an American website) eg.yyyy/mm/dd.This worked for me..Good luck with it..
  • Gary Bullington  shared a comment on $5,000 The Home Depot Gift Card Customer Survey : I have always found home depot to be very helpful no matter which department and are real pros when it come to giving advise . every department have always anserwed my questions and always are giving helpful tips to make the job easy.
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