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Save-A-Lot Guest Survey PrizeSave-A-Lot

  1. $100 Save-A-Lot Gift Card weekly

Save-A-Lot Guest Survey Rules

  1. You can enter or win whether you have purchased or not.
  2. Prize cannot be transferred or substituted.
  3. Failure to provide required documentation within 7 days of date on prize notification may result in disqualification and selection of an alternate winner.

Save-A-Lot Guest Survey Usability Reporttips

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. It takes around 10 minutes to finish. There are 2 open questions. Your receipt is needed.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 4/5. No mobile page is for Tablet. There are 2 open questions. You need to enter personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page is for smartphones. You can still finish Save-A-Lot Guest Survey via smartphone, but it may take more than 5 minutes.

Save-A-Lot Guest Survey Entry

  1. You can go to Save-A-Lot Guest Survey official website and take the survey online.
  2. If you choose to enter by mail, you need to hand-print your complete name, complete address (no P.O. Boxes) , city, state, zip code, telephone number and e-mail address (if you have one) on a 3” x 5” card and mail it in a number ten (#10) envelope to: Save-A-Lot “Survey Sweepstakes”, 625 Panorama Trail, Suite 2100, Rochester, NY 14625-2437.

Save-A-Lot Guest Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit Save-A-Lot Guest Survey official website.
  2. Click the “Begin Survey” button to begin the survey.
  3. Enter the store number and ID shown on your receipt.
  4. Rate the questions or statements like “Overall, how satisfied were you with your most recent visit to this Save-a-Lot location?” “The overall cleanliness of the store”.
  5. Answer the open questions like your comments about a particular associate.
  6. Select your age group.
  7. Select answers to the questions like “What time of day was your visit?” “Do you spend the majority of your grocery budget at Save-a-Lot?”.
  8. Enter the answers to the questions “Approximately how much do you spend at this and other Save-a-Lot locations each MONTH?” “What percentage of your household’s grocery spending during the past year was at this and other Save-a-Lot locations?”.
  9. Select your gender, annual household income.
  10. Enter answers to the questions “Including yourself, for how many people in your household do you buy groceries?” “How many children under the age of 18 live in your household?”.
  11. Enter your personal contact information like your name, telephone number, etc. and click “Finish”.

Save-A-Lot Guest Survey Video by Surveybag
If you have any problem or difficulty to finish Save-A-Lot online guest survey, refer to the following survey video recorded by Surveybag editorial team. You can also find those related questions and answers related to Save-A-Lot guest survey in this article.

More information about Save-A-Lot
As a discount grocery store with more than 1,000 stores around the country, you can always find one near your home, which provides high quality food and meets your household needs. Other than food, meals under $5, great recipes like Italian recipes, side dish recipes and appetizers are also available online for your reference. As one of the biggest grocery stores in the country, Save-A-Lot cares a lot about customers. You can not only join the smart shopper club to receive the latest promotion information, but also visit its online site to go through specials, recipes and affordable healthier eating with the links at reference links area.

At Save-A-Lot, they carry the quality name brand and private label groceries you need at up to 40% lower prices than conventional grocery stores. On top of that, Save-A-Lot offers 10 for $10 sales several times throughout the year. Check your local grocery ads for the latest prices on discount groceries at a Save-A-Lot grocery store near you. For even greater convenience, sign up for the Save-A-Lot Smart Shopper Club. You’ll get your local grocery store ads delivered by email as soon as they’re available. Plus, you can create grocery lists online, share your recipes with other shoppers, and review recipes and products.

Find the right food with great saving and the chance to win a $100 at www.savealotlistens.com.

About Save-A-Lot Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Website: www.savealotlistens.comwww.savealotlistens.com, Save-A-Lot Guest Survey
Survey Incentive: $100 Save-A-Lot Gift Card weekly
Host Website: survey.medallia.com
Marketing Support: Medilla

Reference Links

  1. Save-A-Lot official website – save-a-lot.com
  2. Save-A-Lot Facebook page – www.facebook.com/savealot
  3. Save-A-Lot Twitter page – twitter.com/savealot
  4. Save-A-Lot specials – save-a-lot.com/specials
  5. Save-A-Lot recipes – save-a-lot.com/recipes
  6. Save-A-Lot smart shopper club – save-a-lot.com/shopper
  7. Save-A-Lot healthy food information – save-a-lot.com/affordable-healthier-eating
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  • Very helpful
  • Somewhat helpful
  • Not very helpful
  • Not at all helpful
Rating: 3.9/5 (615 vote casts)
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305 comments on “www.savealotlistens.com – Save-A-Lot Guest Survey

  1. Harold W Yagerman says:

    I would like to see Healthy Choice frozen dinners stocked

  2. Janice says:

    put http://www.savealotlistens.com in your website address not your search address and it will take you directly to the survey instead of messing with this junk.

  3. Janice says:

    If you are having trouble finding the survey, here is a tip. In your website address area ( not the search area) type in http://www.savealotlistens.com. It will take you right to the survey. This will save you much wasted time jumping through unnecessary hoops with all this other stuff.


    Good service; efficient, friendly employees.

  5. susan ramdin says:

    Unable to find the survey due to poor website

  6. susan ramdin says:


  7. Linda Paulus says:

    I love going to savealot they always have good prices, and good food.

  8. kate says:

    I shop at the Hancock Md. store and it is always a Pleasure because everyone is pleasant and helpful and just plain Good at their jobs.I feel you have the best prices on produce and a nice fresh selection too.Sherry is my favorite cashier, yet all the cashiers are nice,Sherry always, one way or another makes me laugh and we all need that. Keep up the good work,it is appreciated. Kate

  9. gerald harris says:

    One of the pluses I have for save a lot is their employees they are always very pleasant and upbeat and always willing to help and assists you with direction of what ever your looking for I even had one the young ladies working there go and bring back a 10lb bag of salt for this pass winter up to line I was in because I had actually walk pass it twice and that is what I like most about save a lot friendly warm respectful employees that enjoy their jobs what more could a person ask. Thank you and have a blessed day.

  10. Gerald Harris says:

    I have been a save alot customer for close to ten years now I started with aldies and would go between the both of them and save alot won out there quality of food and prices won out. I especially enjoy the prices on save alots meets.

  11. Celeste Braymiller says:

    I have recently started shopping at save a lot now that I live near one. I like your store and I love the meat deal.

  12. Tammy Hittie says:

    Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I always get what I need and want. The prices always fit into my budget. I love save a lot

  13. capteria terry says:

    save alot helped me alot.

  14. Marilyn Rock says:

    I really enjoy shopping at save-a-lot. The employees are very nice. I love the prices of everything in the store.

  15. Don Stewart says:

    Love shoping at saveAlot!!!.


    Save a lot survey sight not working properly
    Was not able to finish survey

  17. amanda walkes says:

    I always enjoy shopping here you guys make my day all the time when I’m shopping

  18. Mary Fortuner says:

    They’ve always been friendly and helpful to me.

  19. Clinton Brown says:

    Today I visited your store in NE DC #24886 and purchased a few items including 2 packages of Primo Hot Italian Sausage priced on the display at $3.29 each. When Cashier Sharneaka rang it on the register it indicated I was being charged $7.98 for two @$3.99 each. I tried to bring this to her attention but she ignored me and totaled my purchases so I figured I should let someone know the discrepancies in prices shown on display and that people are being overcharged.
    Clinton Brown

  20. Cynthia Wilds says:

    We’ve been shopping at Save A Lot for over three years now and WOW can one save dollars there and get the same quality as a big popular named grocery store.

  21. Gary Griffin says:

    I would like to say that every time I enter the Save A Lot store I feel so welcome,my favorite cashier is Brittany,she always put a smile on my face,her spirit is so bubbly..

  22. lawrence fulce says:

    great service

  23. Kimberly King says:

    I have never had a problem at Save-a-Lot, Cashiers and Managers are very friendly and extremely helpful.

  24. cathy2014ret@att.net says:

    Some of the cashiers and managers are not very friendly.

  25. DONALD LILLEY says:

    keep it comin’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Denise Quinn says:

    I love this store would also love a job there

  27. Jason Moore says:

    I like the customer service at the Danville il store

  28. Susan McDonald says:

    love shopping at Save A Lot

  29. Lawrence Meissner says:

    good stuff at reasonable prices.

  30. scott minix says:

    that is no reason to stop shopping at a store. I think you need to grow up!!!!!!

  31. scott minix says:

    I really love that you have a sav-a-lot in my home town of Knox, In. The prices are great we went to Aldi’s but it seems like every where else the prices kept going up and up… Thanks

  32. john berry says:


  33. john berry says:

    I really like the store

  34. anthony brandon says:

    iam very happy with save a lot

  35. Clinton R.Owens says:

    a enjoyable time at savealots ,I found all the items I was looking for and the price was in my range.

  36. Marie Tripp says:

    yes im very happy to shop at your store

  37. Marie Tripp says:

    I ve always had a good time shopping at save-a-lot the prices are really low and the people that work there are always very nices and help with your grocery

  38. dawnwheelock says:

    we like savealot we do save on food and stuff .

  39. nancy garvey says:

    Very clean

  40. allan gieger says:

    Do not like meat from mexico

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