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Nebraska Furniture Mart Customer Survey PrizeNebraska Furniture Mart

  1. $1,000 Nebraska Furniture Mart Gift Card

Nebraska Furniture Mart Customer Survey Rules

  1. Odds of winning depend upon the number of eligible entries received
  2. Each prize must be accepted as awarded
  3. The prize has no substitution and can not be transferred
  4. All surveys and entries become the property of Nebraska Furniture Mart

Nebraska Furniture Mart Customer Survey Entry

  1. Online. Visit the Nebraska Furniture Mart customer survey official website to finish the survey
  2. Phone. You can call 1-800-276-3127 to learn more about the survey and complete the survey

Nebraska Furniture Mart Customer Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Log on to the Nebraska Furniture Mart Customer survey official website
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More Information about Nebraska Furniture Mart
There are lots of discount and coupon message on Nebraska official site at www.nfm.com. Fitness free delivery is available for purchases of $599 or more. Email sign up will offer you $25 off on everyday low price purchase of $249 or more.

You can find a Nebraska Furniture Mart  in Omaha, Kansas City and Des Moines. Low price is guaranteed. Delivery charges are based on many variables such as the number of items, weight, size, and distance. They now deliver within a 300 mile radius from each store. Nebraska Furniture Mart eGift Card can be purchased online. It’s a great gift for your friends, and family.

About Nebraska Furniture Mart Customer Satisfaction SurveyNebraska Furniture Mart Customer Survey
Survey Website: opinion.nfm.com
Survey Incentive: $1,000 Nebraska Furniture Mart Gift cards
Host Website: androfact.com
Marketing Support: Agility Metrics

Reference Links

  1. Nebraska Furniture Mart Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules
  2. Nebraska Furniture Mart Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Winner List
  3. Nebraska Furniture Mart official site – www.nfm.com
  4. Nebraska Furniture Mart Facebook page – www.facebook.com/nfmfans
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  • Not very helpful
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Rating: 4.6/5 (546 vote casts)

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743 comments on “opinion.nfm.com – Nebraska Furniture Mart Customer Survey

  1. Harikrishna says:

    I am so happy to have good quality products from u.

  2. Diane Mihalyi says:

    Both Sarah J. x67130 and John A. x66851, took time to demonstrate the items we were interested in, and to indulge our requests to compare these items to others in making our selections. Kudos to them.

  3. Larry Vaught says:

    We have shopped NFM several times and have always been treated good. Our sales man Shawn H. got us every thing we ask for and helped us make a good decision on what computer to buy.

  4. sheryl way says:

    Matthew Holtzhauer was very helpful and courteous. Working in retail myself, I always appreciate good customer serve.

  5. shirley Strodtman says:

    Entered the front door and was overwhelmed at the space of it all. Enjoyed talking with a few of the employees on the subject I was looking for and purchased the exact item I needed. Ciantre Belk was very helpful. He showed me many other departments besides the one I went in for. Ciantre was very helpful with my purchase and made it easy to purchase. This store is in “The Colonies” in Texas. Thank you for letting me respond to my purchase.

  6. Michelle Luschen says:

    Tobiajah 5570 was a great help and very patient as well made a choice of which laptop we needed. I will recommend him to family and friends.

  7. S.Hoover says:

    I recently purchased Treadmill from NFM, and requested delivery and set-up (additional charge).
    Molly M. at NFM was my contact. She confirmed the delivery date, and I was called about an hour before delivery. The two gentlemen brought the treadmill in and proceeded to set it up. Halfway through, they ran into a problem (manufacturer problem) and could not finish the set up. They called the problem in and I again was provided the next day time frame for completing the set up. Again, to gentlemen came to replace the defective part and finish the set up. In both instances, the two men who came to me home were polite, efficient, and knowledgeable. I was very satisfied with the entire process and love my new treadmill. Can’t say enough about the gentlemen who handled the delivery and set-up!! (by the way-I didn’t find anywhere here to enter my survey access code, which is 80018506.

  8. chanzella N.scroggins says:

    Mark B was a very helpful salesman when it came to the purchase of my floor lamp.

  9. Pam Sims says:

    Geoffrey B. was a very helpful person when it came to shopping for a new computer and necessary products like spyware. The only downside to my shopping experience was that he can be as pushy as a car salesman, NFM almost lost the sale of a new HP computer and printer, thankfully he got the point before we left.

  10. Debbie Ritsch says:

    Sharon Ballard was a very friendly and helpful sales associate. She helped us even though we were slow to make a final decision on which recliner to buy. Thank you for your patience, Sharon!

  11. John Hoffman says:

    We were in three different sections: Dinning rooms, Living room chairs, and mattresses. We had three very different experiences. First of all the bedding section. The sales representative was extremely helpful and informative. Felt like she was there to help us make the best selection for us. She was excellent. Then the lady from the recliners. First of all, it took 15 minutes to find someone to assist us. The sales lady was very apologetic about it and wrote up the order. It’s just that you’re normally bombarded with sales people and when you want one, it was hard to find. It was a little disturbing. Finally our kitchen table. The sales people there were horrible in my opinion. First of all, there were 3 sales people who were just talking and ignoring us. We had to ask for a rep. They apparently had to ask someone because where we were looking was not in their part of the dinning room tables. No one to answer any questions or make suggestion. A young man showed up and eventually wrote us up. Of course, when we were standing in the more expensive areas, after this young rep. showed up, then they came over and were trying to jump in. IT was worse than a used car lot. The kid who helped us was very nice but all he had to do was write up the order. As far as all the other people in that section… (expletives)

  12. Hilpman, Margaret says:

    Jo worked with us in the “Rug’s” area. She took time to pull a rug from the bottom of a pile for us to look at. Did not blink an eye when we ask for that service. Thanks Jo.

  13. Ronald Loker says:

    excellent service/assistance!!

  14. Nancy Voge says:

    Had a very great time shopping today. Scott K. was the best sales person! Friendly and loads of good information! He was not in the least pushy or in a hurry up mood. Scott K. gave us plenty of time to make our decision on the right purchase!

  15. Roger Vogt says:

    Salesperson Mimi L was very helpful, her Manager on the other hand was condesending and didn’t help at all. I was very upset when i was told after spending almost $5000. what driveway delivery was. What good is it. Deliver Leather couch, chair, & loveseat to my driveway and unload it? I’m 65!! So then you want to charge $40. for someone to bring it in. Save the foolishness of putting that it your ad. Also, the sales item i came to buy in the ad was limited to Burgendy only. I guess you couldn’t mention that. Then it takes 6 weeks to deliver my purchase.You used to be classier then this. Acting like Rod Cush. Bush League.

  16. Alice says:

    Loved that I was not repeatedly asked if I needed any help, I had time to browse to find the perfect couch, ottoman and recliner for us. I did appreciate Antonio G’s help to place our order, fabric selection and chosing the right recliner and color. Can’t wait to get our furniture!!

  17. Randy Gude says:

    great sales person

  18. Randy Gude says:

    Super sales person

  19. Michael Bewley says:


  20. Tony Murphy says:

    Bill H was very helpful with buying and answered all my questions. Thank You for your Help

  21. Bill Scarborough says:

    We have purchased our entire line of furniture from the mart for over 39 years and have been very pleased every time we go to purchase our items!!

  22. Verlyn Kraayenbrink says:

    Travis S x24478 Very helpful, very well organized even when he was assisting
    3 to 5 customers at the same time, answering questions, and showing the features of the
    gun safe we were all inquiring about. 3 safes were sold in the ten minuets we were there.
    Great experience.

  23. Terry Wolfe says:

    Have visited twice and all staff have been very friendly and very helpful all should receive a big 10 on the score cards. We purchased several items for our cell phones and tablets. Today we purchased a new adjustable bed and the buying experience was again stellar. Thank You to all who assisted us in our purchases.

  24. colleen McLaughlin says:

    I am 75 years old. My first purchase was a dining table and matching chairs. I was 19 then. I continued to buy from NFM all through the years. I have enjoyed many items through out the years from NFM. I love browsing through the store. So many beautiful items and available for folks like me , due to the extended time to buy with out having to pay interest, that in it self is great. I love to shop through your internet pages. My one big regret is that I am 75 and I know my time is limited. Maybe there will be an NFM in the big sky, with Mrs. B again. That would be fun. The prices are great, the experience of buying at NFM has always been extremely nice. I have bought so many electronics over the past years. It is like an adventure finding so many different items. I do love the store. Some how I feel so connected to NBM. I have never been unhappy with anything I bought for myself there. It is like going home each time I walk into the store. So happy and waiting for the next up to date tech item, that will be out to the public.

  25. Melinda Ricketts says:

    Enjoy my visit , and everyone who help me will receive a big 10 by me. Thanks for making my Christmas shopping easy . Happy Holidays too all of you guys .

  26. FRED R> says:

    Cory P provided us with excellent service in purchasing our new television, it is just perfect for what we needed.

  27. Robert says:

    Bryant S was very knowledgeable about the laptops he showed me and helped me choose based on how I use my laptop.

    Ross R provided excellent follow up assistance during a phone call after I got home. He helped me with information that made returning with the right vehicle to pick up a chair very easy.

  28. Chuck Zellers says:

    Excellent service by Cuyler C

  29. Shirley L Smith says:


  30. Shirley L Smith says:


  31. Lori E says:

    Associate Nicole R at the Clive store was awesome! She was so helpful and really knew the products! Will definitely return!

  32. michael mccain says:

    great service will come back againe

  33. komi aokou says:

    Nebraska is the one
    Everything I need for my room there is one solution It s Nebraska Furniture

  34. Sharon Quintal says:

    Brad Orwell from the Colony store was so friendly and helpful in assisting with my selection of a recliner. He was like dealing with an old friend.

  35. Jody Zahn says:

    Great service everytime thank you nfm

  36. cathy m says:

    Salesman was very nice, but we did not realize we could not return the item if there was a defect. We also didn’t know that lazyboy would not extend a warranty…very frustrated…if we would have known…we would have bought a new, not used one for about the same price.

  37. john h escalante says:


  38. Roberto Taylor says:

    Great service, poor product in electronics

  39. Benjamn Bowers says:

    chris suchanick

  40. Carol Coffelt says:

    David T x42160 was an awesome person to work with when we purchased two recliners. He was very helpful and did not pressure us to buy. Additionally, our experience picking up the chairs was quick and efficient.

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