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www.igastore-feedback.com – $50 IGA Store Shopper Experience Survey

IGA Store Shopper Experience Survey PrizeIGA

  1. $50 IGA brand coupons

IGA Store Shopper Experience Survey Sweepstakes Rules

  1. You do not have to make purchase to enter or win.
  2. Each person and each e-mail address is limited to 1 entry during each Entry Period.
  3. Prizes are not transferable and subject to availability. No substitution of prize for cash or other goods and services is permitted.
  4. The winner is responsible for all taxes on the prize.

IGA Shopper Experience Survey Usability Reporttips

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. About 10 minutes to finish, 2 open questions, need no receipt.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page for Tablet. 2 open questions, need to enter survey information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 2/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can still finish IGA Shopper Experience Survey via smartphone, and it may take you more than 10 minutes to finish.

IGA Store Shopper Experience Survey Sweepstakes Entry

  1. You can visit IGA Store customer feedback survey official site and complete the survey.
  2. You can also enter by Mail. To enter without completing a survey, you may send a 3”x5” card with your name, address, email address, telephone number, and date of birth to: IGA Marketing Events Department – CFS, 8745 W. Higgins Road, Suite 350, Chicago, IL 60631.

IGA Store Shopper Experience Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit IGA Store customer feedback survey official site
  2. Enter your correct zip code and click the “submit” button
  3. Choose the IGA store you visited and click the “provide feedback” button
  4. Select date and time of your visit
  5. Select answer to the question “Overall, how satisfied were you with your most recent visit to this IGA location?” based on your visit
  6. Indicate how important each item was to you in your decision-making process that ultimately led you to make the most recent visit to this IGA
  7. Rate your satisfaction with the statements like “Overall Interior Cleanliness” based on your visit
  8. Select answers to the questions like ” Did you encounter any issues during your shopper experience that you would like to bring to management’s attention?” based on your visit
  9. Answer open questions like the reason you shop at non-IGA locations
  10. Enter your zip code
  11. Select answers to the questions about  yourself like your gender age etc.
  12. Enter your personal contact information like your name, email address etc and click “Submit” to finish the survey

IGA Store Customer Satisfaction Survey Video by Surveybag

If you have any problem or difficulty to finish IGA online customer satisfaction survey, refer to the following survey video recorded by Survebag editorial team. You can also find those questions and answers related to IGA customer survey in this article.

More Information about IGA Store
Founded in 1926, IGA brought together independent grocers across the country to ensure those family-owned local grocery store remained strong in the face of growing grocery chain competition. Take a look at IGA grocers alliances partners here. The IGA Alliance includes nearly 4,000 Hometown Proud Supermarkets worldwide, supported by 36 distribution companies and more than 55 major manufacturers, vendors and suppliers encompassing everything from grocery to equipment items. IGA has operations in 44 of the United States and more than 40 countries, commonwealths and territories on all six inhabited continents. You can easily find a store with online help.

Share your customer feedback and win the $50 coupon at www.igastore-feedback.com.

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Reference Links

  1. IGA  Shopper Experience Survey Winner List
  2. IGA Official Website – www.iga.com
  3. IGA Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/pages/IGA
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161 comments on “www.igastore-feedback.com – $50 IGA Store Shopper Experience Survey

  1. Helen Admire says:

    My mother (Helen) told our neighbor to pick up 4 crispy chicken wings for her from the deli.
    When her neighbor brought the chicken wings back mom asked how much she owed and
    was told $7.16. Mom is 92 years old and lives on a limited income and she said that she
    felt like she was eating IGA gold. The IGA is the only grocery store in town and she
    feels that they are taking advantage of people. I don’t think that she will be shopping at your
    IGA store again.

  2. bertha smith says:

    i have been shoping there for 30 years good place to shop thanks

  3. sue oelke says:

    I live in Marathon and this is the cleanest store and everyone is so helpful I enjoy the small store and I always find all my needs there.

  4. Sean Beharry says:

    I always shop at all your outlets and never had a problem with any so i am very-extremely satisfied with SUPER J IGA


  5. Linda hatstat says:

    I’m 65+ ,on S.S. . Trying to make ends meet. I go to BRACKETT’S MARKET IGA. That’s in Bath ,ME. They have the best meats , fish and bakery products. Ever thing is fresh . The staff that works there are the greatest .Allways ready to help you in any way. I go there for my meats ,best deals in towns around this aear, .We have a Wallmart here. I refuse to buy meats, fruits and vegatbles, there . They are not fresh . Cannned stuff there you have to watch the dates. If you gift rewards to stores ,please give them the top one. Brackett’s market IGA,Bath , Maine.

  6. Tao Qiang says:

    I arrived in Pullman a month ago. We live near Dissmores and often do shopping in it. One of the shopping guide recommended me a peeler. It is very easy to use. Thanks a lot.

  7. Donalie Louisy says:

    I love the distinct flavor of some of the products and the fact that the price is less for some of the products that I use.

  8. Dalia Phillip says:

    @ The Cornith branch I stopped to get some fresh vegetables in particular cucumbers. As I approach the veggie shelves to the back of the store, I realized there were no cucumbers. A young man saw the disappointment on my face and asked if he could assist me. I told him what was wrong and he said, ‘hold on, let me check at the back to see if we have received any.” And to my surprise he returned with a few packaged cucumbers. I was really happy and the thank the young man. The supermarket needs more persons like that seeing to the needs and taking care of the customers’ needs.

  9. jeannetta livingston says:

    i like shopping at IGA

  10. Patricia Luster says:

    Been going there for 20 years…love my local IGA Store!

  11. Alice Taylor says:

    The store that I go to has very friendly people working there

  12. Susan Palaia says:

    Always enjoy going into our Gnazzo’s IGA store. Very friendly and helpful employees, small enough so you don’t have to spend over an hour trying to find what you are looking for as I do in the huge chains, carry most products I buy, close to home, just a friendly atmosphere to shop in.

  13. francisco tapia says:

    need more cleaning and small really bad they have open kitchen in the back store and cooking and is no have to doing there or what please the not need to sale nothing cook or cut or prep. only the store is good idea thanks, please call me before call the HEALTH THE PARTMENT CITY.

  14. David hickman says:

    I enjoy shopping @ your new store in AH, 60004, except for one young man behind the deli counter not one employee on your staff knows how to say thank you. Even the cashier, she handed me my receipt and said ” here ha go”. Please teach all your employees that customers at least would like a “thank you”.
    I don’t want anything free or ant coupons just a little coursity.
    David Hickman
    Arlington heights

  15. eva bryan says:

    I like shop at iga it got frash meat & good price

  16. Janet Gabert says:

    I was able to find the products I was looking for. The check out clerk was very polite.

  17. Mimi Anderson says:

    Always a nice experience to shop at the IGA in Coolidge

  18. Tara prince says:

    I shop at our local store because of the prices and selection. The store has the best prices on produce and meats, and the biggest variety. The produce is always fresh and beautiful. I buy meats in family packs and the local IGA is the only store in our area that I can find good prices and family packs. I have health issues that require that I eat a diet high in protien and I am on a fixed income, IGA makes that easy and affordable.

  19. victoria lukasiewicz says:

    love the IGA store it’s very clean has nice people and they are very helpful a
    ……I just think when they used the IGA card at the register years ago we got better sales because prices are high! sorry just wanna be honest

  20. Michael J. Moore says:

    I haven’t been too your store since about three years ago, because of a stroke it’s looks more bigger than I thought, just a lot more merchandise on the self a lot more to chose from. Thanks

  21. Guy Mauldin says:

    I shop occasionally at IGA, Carrabelle, Fl. The store is very clean and appears to be well managed. That is, until you get to check out. Usually there are at least two cashiers on duty, and they are usually talking to each other when I approach the check out area. It appears that they are inconvenienced to have to stop talking and wait on me. There is no greeting and no thank you when I am finished. I have observed this behavior for some time from a majority of the cashiers there. They did have one very friendly cashier at one time, but she has not been there for a couple of months. I do not understand why management of such a nice store neglects the most important thing- customer service.

  22. Dennis Zubb says:

    Site has so many options the result is a fine mess! Could not find what I was looking for. Won’t be back

  23. Ngaere Milne says:

    They are good all the IGAS in Ipswich. All friendly and geat merchandise

  24. Ngaere Milne says:

    I have been shopping with IGA since a shop opened at Ash Street Yamanto. Nothing else to say except I love IGA. when I need something unusual I can guarantee I will get it at IGA. Suits me fine

  25. Shirley Koski says:

    I like the store because I always find sales on what I need.

  26. janet Waltz says:

    I like the IGA store in Middleburg Pa. Very cust oriented. People are neighbors and friendly.

  27. Janis Stuart says:

    The Ocean Shores Washington IGA store is super.
    I can always find what I need at this store. The employees are friendly and courteous and will happily assist you with what ever you need.
    Because this is a tourist town during the summer months, it can get very busy. The checkout lines do their best to accommodate the customers.
    One cashier, John, is always pleasant and quick with a joke!!

  28. Mavis E. Foyle says:

    Shopped at the Valentine, NE store today and was very impressed at the customer service that I was given. they offered information on some produce without my having to ask. I have never had this kind of experience in a grocery store before. I even told my husband that this is the store that we need to shop

  29. Jill Nordin says:

    I have experienced ‘Nick W.’ at the Mt. Vernon, IL store many times. If he has no customers in his line, he lays across the counter as if he is on his last leg. Please keep in mind my father owned a grocery store for many, many years. If I had dared to ‘lay around’ he would have seen that I had something to do. Tonight, I tried to make conversation (my mistake) and said “Wow, I see you have a new coffee bar and slushies too.”
    He replied “yeah” but you could tell he doesn’t chat with the customers. However, I have found that he visits with his fellow employee in the next line. The following isn’t just at IGA, it is everywhere. These young folks are hired because they HAVE to work, but have no interest in the job at all. It is such a shame. *I have two young adults; one 37 years old, one 27 years old. I hope they always give their very best.

    Thank you,
    Jill Nordin

  30. Denisha Read says:

    I like IGA becuase they have a wide selection of healthy products as well as a deli with alot of delicious things.

  31. Carl Cruz-Hafner says:

    I went shopping in the IGA Supermarket this morning, 7/15/14 @ 12:22 PM, and was disappointed not to find a decent selection of stew beef available in the meat case. All they had were small packages of stew beef, none larger than 1.25 lbs !! That is hardly enough to serve for 2 people !! The store I went to was @ 870 Merrick Road, Copiague NY.

  32. Brian Winters says:

    Great deals !! Very Friendly people. Great Store !!

  33. sarah gaston says:

    I am always satisfied when i come to the supermarket i do my shopping on a Saturday morning at the waterfornt branch the staff a so helpful

  34. cathy gabriel says:

    i think the staff need to stop being serious when serving customers .they need to have a better facial expression . they need to improve on the way they speak to customers .that is for the security.

  35. Rosita Fegurgur Hoffman says:

    I rarely go to your store because of past experiences, cashiers/baggers need to Learn how to bag groceries!A customer takes the time to pick and choose their vegetables, the least they could do (cashiers/baggers) is take the time to bag it right, IE- bananas do not belong with the bread in the same bag! Or please don’t ‘man handle the groceries!’ Treat it like it’s your groceries, nobody wants to see their groceries just thrown in the bag, need more friendly people in your store to get me to come back, I stopped going to wal-mart for that reason, I at one point liked your grocery store when employees were much more friendlier, paid attention to details.

  36. Vivian Bowen says:

    There is convenient shopping at your Supermarkets in Barbados. Some prices are reasonable, some are not. Most items can be purchased, groceries, hair products etc and all of your supermarkets have a pharmacy attached to them which is very convenient. Staff are helpful and accommodating.

  37. danny villanueva says:

    On Saturday May 17, 2014, I spotted a bargain of green grapes for $2.99. Next to the sign a savings of $2.00! Upon while checking out , I disputed the the charge of $2.99 a lb. the clerk checked the sign and informed me that it was per pound lb. I told him I didn’t see a lb by the $2.99. I went back to the sign and there was a Lb. BUt the “LB” was positioned on the lower left corner edge. Looking at other small fruit indeed the LB sign was in a poor unclear and lower edge fooling the consumer public. I told the young attendant to fix the software or call the hq at Chicago, Illinois. This is at downtown seattle address is 1427 Third avenue , seattle wa 98101 IGA Kress 206 749 9500. please correct your signs software local or national.

  38. Charlotte Thurston says:

    An awsome store to shop in. I like the pre-cooked food on the run, its hot & tasty. Very comparable to Publix.
    Keep up the good appearance and prices!

  39. jeff said says:

    nice store!

  40. Anna hoyt says:

    your survey is to small i cant read it

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