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HomeDepot-TagHome Depot Gift Card Customer Opinion Survey Prize

  1. One Prize of a $5,000 Home Depot Gift Card

Home Depot Gift Card Customer Opinion Survey Sweepstakes Rules

  1. You do not have to purchase to enter or win.
  2. Prize cannot be substituted, assigned, or transferred.
  3. Winner is solely responsible for all applicable federal, state and local taxes.

Home Depot Customer Survey Usability Reporttips

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. Less than 10 steps, no open questions, need receipt, clean page.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 3/5. No open question, need to enter survey information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 2/5. You are not recommended to finish Home Depot customer survey via smartphone, it may take more than 10 minutes to finish.

Home Depot Gift Card Customer Opinion Survey Sweepstakes Entry

  1. Web entry. For customers who have receipts, visit the Home Depot gift card customer opinion survey official site and take the survey. The User ID and Password found upon your receipt is only valid for 35 days from purchase.
  2. Mail-in entry. To enter the Sweepstakes without completing the Survey you may enter by mail as follows: On a 3″ x 5″ card, legibly handprint or type your first name, last name, mailing address, city, state, zip code, telephone number (including area code), year of birth, and customer category (Consumer/Professional) and mail your 3” x 5” card in a business size envelope to: “Home Depot Q1 2013 Customer Satisfaction Entry”, 90 Rockwood Place, Rochester, New York 14610.

Home Depot Gift Card Customer Opinion Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the Home Depot gift card customer opinion survey official site and choose your language and enter the zip code or postal code of your residence to continue
  2. Enter your user ID and password and click the “continue” button.
  3. Answer all the questions by following the instructions of the website.

Even though The Home Depot keeps this link for its online customer satisfaction survey, Surveybag suggest you double check your receipt carefully and refer to the latest Home Depot customer survey guide and analysis to make sure your are joining the right sweepstakes to win $5,000 Home Depot gift card.

More Information about Home Depot
Home Depot was founded in 1978. Now the Home Depot is the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer, with more than 2,200 retail stores in the United States (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands), Canada, Mexico and China. You can search jobs online and join them. Home Depot offers up to 40,000 different kinds of building materials, home improvement supplies, appliances and lawn and garden products.

Home Depot value your participation at www.homedepotopinion.com.

About Home Depot Customer SurveyHome Depot Gift Card Customer Opinion Survey
Survey Website: www.homedepotopinion.com
Survey Incentive: $5,000 Home Depot Gift Card
Host Website: www.homedepot.com/opinion
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356 comments on “www.HomeDepotOpinion.com – $5,000 Home Depot Gift Card Customer Opinion Survey

  1. Cleotha Jennings says:

    the customer service was very good, I was asked by four or five sales persons if they could assist. me and when the young lady did help me she knew right where to send me for the product.

  2. Anton Remenih says:

    Just wanted to thank Home Depot for an excellent job of having everything I needed for my bathroom and kitchen tile floors. The salesman at the Summit Ridge Reno Nevada store, Mr. Shawn Hartman, really knows tile work and gave me very professional and helpful advise. I actually visited 3 other “tile” stores with very disappointing results prior to finding Mr. Hartman.
    Anton Remenih

  3. clifton godwin says:

    i enjoy shoping at homedepot their staff are very helpfull

  4. james cooper says:

    shop there all the time if you nee help there are people to help you they help me load my things if there to heavylove the store beats lowes

  5. david e. gibson says:

    I have always been satisfied with the service given to me. I have never had trouble returning or exchanging any product.

  6. robert carvalho says:

    associates did not hesitate to give me assistance. help was there when I need it.

  7. Erica mcguire says:

    Go to store at least 2x a week everyone helpful

  8. Tony Salter says:

    Good service

  9. gail says:

    The Store was very clean, and The Staff was very helpful, all of my questions was answer to the best of my asking . Where things were, or How to fine thing. So Thanks to The Home Depot Staff God Bless and have a nice day.OH Happy Easter to everyone. God Bless Amen.We Love Shopping at the Home Depot.
    Yours Truly
    Troy & Gail

  10. john annasenz says:

    easy to find everything you need, very clean

  11. Ray J Rusek says:

    Excellent service. We bought a gift card for our son-in-law’s birthday in New Hampshire.

  12. Patricia crolick says:

    Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful

  13. Neil LeClaire says:

    We went to buy some lumber and the young man who helped us did all the work for us including finding the best pieces. After we checked out, a couple of other young men loaded it for us on and in our truck. They were equally as nice and did an excellent job. David even tied it up there for us. Great job! The store was at Tulalip.

  14. wanda howell says:


  15. James Slosser says:

    What I ment to say was sears( wish book ),Happy,Happy,Happy.

  16. James Slosser says:

    Home Depot is like ,what my father would say about his sears catalog !!! Happy,happy,happy.

  17. Melvin Diaz says:

    I needed a AC filter and was in and out less 10 min. I ask they pointed I got out in a flash

  18. Sharon Smith says:

    I am a long time customer and just retired this year, so it have a lot of time now to work in my yard and plant a garden. I made several trips to your Jacksonville,Fl. Regency store during the Black Friday sale and spent several hundred dollars. Most of the associates were polite and asked me if I needed help as soon as they saw me. Kudos to Evonnne In customer service, Julie and Jordan in the Garden Dept. These folks need to give a class in good customer service .Tameka on one of my visits was a horrible representative of Home Depot. She was rude and seemed not to know anything about the garden dept. Seven people were in front of me with very little in their carts, and it took 45 min. to get checked out. Jonathan and several other older men in the garden dept. on the last day of the sale were also not customer friendly, it seemed to be a hardship to ask for help. I had ordered several planters online and also purchased 2 of the city pickers in the store. I did receive my daily email saying that the garden mulch and the garden soil was still in stock at my store. When checking out with my full basket I was told that it was sold out yesterday by one man and sold out for 1 week by another. ( I had just purchased 5 bags 3 days before) since I had the planters I did need soil, so I got what they suggested, which totaled more $. I had to go back on Monday the day after the sale to purchase more fertilizer, and what do I see but a large quantity of the soil that was out of stock on pallets up front. I feel that it was probably not unloaded til after the sale and I do feel deceived. I did ask for a rain check, but the man kept saying and pointed out in the ad ‘while quantities last’ Lowes is across the street, I have never felt deceived when I have shopped there. Maybe I should check out their sales first? Sincerely, Sharon

  19. Mary Belle Dixon says:

    I had a hand saw that had lost 2 bolts in the handle. I went to Home Depot to find the bolts. A nice gentlemen named Dave Flynn ask if I needed help. He took my saw put the bolts in for me and tighten them . All I had to do was take the opened package of bolts to the register and pay for them. His help was so much appreciated. The store was on Harrodsburg Rd in Lexington, Kentucky

  20. alan bellefleur says:

    even thought i live in Bristol,CT., i enjoy going to store 6208 Southington,CT,. all people who work there are very attentive to all my needs. they are polite,happy,and enjoy what they do for there customers. i highly recommend the store to people i know.

  21. robertkanallakan says:


  22. Gerrie Marsch says:

    Great assistance and very helpful throughout the store!

  23. Brian Kirk says:

    I visited the store yesterday, it was very nice and I got everything I needed.

  24. Kat Dowen says:

    I called first to make sure the item I needed was in stock in the color I wanted. I was told it was and drove to the Marlboro store . The sales tech brought me right to where I needed to be , he explained how I was going to have to build the mailbox and how a post would need to be present to have the stem of the all in one mailbox fit over like a sleeve. It was so vital that I knew that and also it solved what I thought would be a timely problem. We had the mailbox i9n place and functional. I surpised my husband with a project I did myself keeping our old mailbox post. I like that the box has a front and back entry so there is no need to go into the road to get the mail. Even the mailman was happy and commented he loved the product. Thank you for the expert knowlege of the product and the whole experience was delightful ! I <3 HOME DEPOT

  25. jose luyando says:

    I like going to homedepot there are so many thing I like toget,i love it and at the same time you learned from the people there love it thank you homedepot………..

  26. Douglas Hill says:

    the young lady that helped me with my selection of a riding mower was very helpful and very courteous. A request for someone to help me never did come forward.

  27. lucina gallegos says:

    me gusta comprar en home depot encuentro todo lo que necesito y los trabajadores son muy amables con sus clientes.

  28. Dr. Fred Koeniger says:

    It’s a home town experience to shop at Home Depot. Your products are useful easy to find and fairly priced. I

  29. erika allen says:

    great selection of merchandise! great prices! great service! It’s alway a pleasure to shop at
    our Ridgecrest Home Depot store!

  30. Bonnie Ryan says:

    Dan, at the Davis Highway location in Pensacola, showed me how to thread my weed eater
    using the correct store trim string. He said to come back if I needed more help later.
    He was a good teacher and very encouraging.

  31. Daria Mares says:

    I have always found that the homedepot employees to be very helpful when i am not quit sure about a product our other things that i am not sure about.

  32. Daria Mares says:

    I have always found the Homedepot employees to be very helpful when i am not quite sure about certain things.

  33. carole l cherrey says:

    i fould what i needed .but some thing where at a lower price but i got some things on sell for 3-6 dollars lower but over all i all was find what i need at a good price

  34. Lynn Leinwohl says:

    At the Portchester store, yesterday, and today, Lorenzo was a great help to me. He was encouraging and supportive as i purchased a very serious grinding machine (Ryobi) to fix up a mess that a bad contractor made in my basement. Magan, another associate, was also very kind and helpful. These 2 people more than made up for the handful of less than ideal experiences i have had since I purchased my home in November. Hurray for the home depot!

  35. teresacarver says:

    they are always very helpfultome

  36. Juan Calderon says:

    Homedepo es la major tienda que existed en los united state

  37. Wayne Mineau says:

    Much better than Lowes!!!!!!!!

  38. Patricia Robbins says:

    I find the help is very helpful when you are trying to get the right thing for the project you are doing

  39. Mariadeestefano says:

    Everything I need all the time is there

  40. Ann Marie Ujczo says:

    Any time I go into Home Depot the employees are always helpful and friendly. They take time out of their day to make sure that my needs are met and that I go home paying a good deal and happy.

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