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  1. $100 Albertsons Gift Card

Albertsons Survey Rules

  1. It is not necessary for you to make purchase to enter or win
  2. All entries become the sole property of Administrator and will not be returned
  3. The winner is responsible for all expenses and taxes.
  4. The prize is not equivalent for cash.

Albertsons Customer Satisfaction Survey Usability Reporttips

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 5/5. About 5 minutes to finish, 2 open questions, need receipt.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 4/5. No mobile page for Tablet. 2 open questions, need to enter personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can still finish Albertsons Customer Satisfaction Survey via smartphone, it may take more than 5 minutes to finish.

Albertsons Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Log on to the Albertsons survey official website.
  2. Please identify the store you visited which is shown on your receipt and enter the date of your visit to continue the survey.
  3. Enter your email address, select the time of day that this visit took place then enter the cashier number from the top of your receipt then click “Next” .
  4. Give your ratings to statements like “Your overall experience at this store” based on your visit.
  5. Select answers to the questions like “Did you experience any problems during your recent visit?”  based on your visit.
  6. Answer open questions like the suggestions you have for Albertsons to improve your shopping experience.
  7. Enter the amount of your purchase, select answers to questions about yourself like your age then enter your personal contact information and click “Submit Survey” to finish the survey.

Albertsons Customer Satisfaction Survey Video by Surveybag
If you have any problem or difficulty to finish Albertsons online customer satisfaction survey, refer to the following survey video recorded by Survebag editorial team. You can also find those related questions and answers related to Albertsons customer survey in this article.

More Information about Albertsons
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  3. Albertsons official website – www.albertsons.com
  4. Albertsons Facebook page – www.facebook.com/Albertsons
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686 comments on “www.albertsonssurvey.com – Albertsons Customer Survey

  1. belgica flores says:

    great prices,excellent customer service

  2. belgica flores says:

    great prices

  3. Fred Lanouette says:

    Had a great time talking with Al in the woodinville albertsons meat department, he was very knowledgable on all the product and answered all my questions ….5 star service rating way to go Al.Thank you Fred Lanouette

  4. Carolyn Cassell says:

    My experience was with the Bakery Dept. Everyone in that dept. plus the Deli nDept. were alert to my presence and were more than eager to assist me. I can’t single out anyone person as everyone in the dept. should be credited with being available to my needs.

  5. edith schrag says:

    4-15-14 buying from the deli i asked the man behind counter, is there a sale on roast beef, mr personality replied ” i don’t know ” i said “you don’t know” still without eye contact he replied ” i don’t know” i said i don’t need anything. a gentleman standing next to me said “i don’t need this” and he walked way, a very rude employee, that was a first time i encountered this at albertson’s, i hope it is the last, but i will buy the fresh meats and cheese at another store, i will not stop shopping at albertson’s just will avoid your deli. maybe this was a bad hour for this man, it was at15;16 (nap time). i will add that your check out men and women are always polite and sweet.
    thank you for listening Edith Schrag store #941

  6. Jody C Schlecht says:

    I shop Albertsons every week the associates know me by name and I know many of them also the customers service is awesome and there’s always someone to help me with my groceries if I need them! My store is 670 Main in Billings,MT

  7. Betsy Montgomery says:

    For many years, I have been very satisfied with the help I have received at your Albertson stores.
    More recently in our local branch #501 in Grants Pass, thanks to each of the employees. I especially want to mention one in particular, Jennifer #120, she not only is very pleasant but, goes out of her
    way in helping each customer. (I have been in the work-force for over 50 years and recognize outstanding workers.) You-all do a good job of selecting the best employees!
    in particular

  8. Dixie Rodriguez says:

    Very satisfied

  9. James Stell says:

    It was a GREAT experience to shop at ALbertsons and SAVE $$$…

  10. Wayne Howard says:

    The service that I receive each time I shop at Albertson is extremely Great. I would like to give an example, while shopping at my local Albertson store in Texas on Beltline rd. 75115, I went the bakery section and asked the young lady( Darnece) behind the counter how long had the bread had been baked, she replied its was baked about 15 to 20 minutes ago. Before I could reply she told me if had time while I continued my shopping that she would be glad to prepare a fresher loaf, in which she did. I was so Happy. Take it I can’t remember the last time that I had some hot, fresh, Good bread. Now that’s what I call Service! Thank You So Much.

  11. Constance Gilmore says:

    I enjoy shopping at Albertsons.

  12. B. Lou McClaine says:

    I was going to order a birthday cake 2 of the bakery people to me but didn’t ask if I needed help. I was going to order a birthday cake for 30-50 people, what was bad I went over there twice & no one said anything to me the 2nd time around. So I went to the meat department Patty asks me if I needed anything asked me how I was doing great help in the butcher block. The manager over front end walked within 3-5 feet of me said absolutely nothing to me. The floral person spoke to me also. The cashier spoke to me a gave me a hug & Pat in scan gave me a hug & spoke. Patty also gave me a hug. Frank in the pharmacy spoke & ask how I was doing.

  13. mildred hunter says:

    I love the sales buy this and get this one free. I really like my store the people are always nice. and the store is always nice and clean.

  14. Sandra Jones says:

    The bakery has been lately something to be desired. the labels are wrong and the muffins are not cooked.

  15. Judy McAuley says:

    I get my prescriptions at Albertsons in Payette Idaho. When they do not have the product I need I feel its up to them to call around to other pharmacy to see if they can get it for me. Instead of just telling me I can do it myself. I don’t feel that this if great customer service.Tj2

  16. Laurie Woods says:

    I go to Albertsons on the days that Debra R. is there because I’m usually in a hurry & when I see her I ask her where certian items are & she always knows the correct answer, & when I go to check out, she is always sooo friendly & efficient! Albertsons has some really great employees, & Debra R. has proven time & time again to be quite excetionally knowledgeable & very wecolming! I never do surveys, but I felt that Debra R. really goes out of her way for her customers, that I should go out of my way to acknowledge her! Thank you! :-} Laurie.

  17. Pamela Lindsay says:

    Albertsons. Broadway store Lemon Grove Ca. 91945…been going to this store for or 15 yrs and have never had a problem . The employees go out of their way to help you. especially Joy Sanders..a bagger..I give her a 10.

  18. lori worthley says:

    I enjoy coming to the store every sunday after church. I always go threw Vicki’s line if I can

  19. Rain says:

    I love my Albertsons.. Delane is the best employee at the store. I would stand in the longest line to have her check me out. I spend about 250.00 a week a the store and for that money expect to be treated well. She does. The store is clean and well lite. Sometimes it isn’t stocked as well as others times. You should be able to shop any day and find the same products well stocked,

  20. Graciela A. Sepulveda says:

    I love shopping at Albertson, and so does my daughter. We shop 2 to 3 times there and have always experienced a friendly environment not to mention their variety of products. When a new product goes out in the market, I know I can find it at Albertsons. Their produce are also the freshest and so are their meats. Cashier No.138 helped me out today and she was very friendly. I love going to this store, no matter what area of the store I go to, I can always find someone for help.


    Thanks Ron for assisting me on checking out. I appreciate your friendliness and patience with the elderly.


    I am having difficulty loging in to monopoly to enter my game code. I forgot my password and can not find where to reset the password or what to do. Seems the only thing left is to mail each ticket in separately in an envelope which is a burden. Please help

  23. Juliette Nettles says:

    Visited store #6131 on 4/3/14 was helped by Troy & Keith good customer service

  24. Juliette Nettles says:

    Troy & Keith always help u with a smile love this store very convenient

  25. Ed Parsil says:

    Really appreceate Geezer Day first Wed. each month, always shop that day no matter
    how many other times I need to shop that month.

  26. Ellen Bohannon says:

    I shop Caspers eastside store because I like the way I am treated by their employees. Some of their prices are a little higher than the competition, but I will pay it for the good quality in the produce dept. Store 2062 oper 109 cashire Whiney A

  27. Daniel Rowley says:

    I heard that you are buying out Safeway. I hope that if this is in fact the case that you do a great deal better than what you are doing in the 98370 area. I went to your local store in the area code that i have mentioned for the steak sale that you had on this past week. I liked what i seen in the meat case window so much that i had the butcher cut two T-Bones at 1 3/4 inch thick. The butcher brought them out already wrapped up and they looked good. I Took them home, unwrapped them and found out that pretty much the whole one side of the T-Bone was totally gone. So i thought that i would give your supermarket one more try today, and what they were asking for $6.99 (on sale) should have been sold for scrap meat. I just hope that you take more pride in your new store here in Poulsbo than you do at your existing location. I also hope that since you pretty much have the monopoly except for (central market and red apple) that you don’t try and keep up with them as far as their prices. If you do, at least Central Market sells prime meat for a prime price, unlike your chain, and you try and sell so so beef for a prime price. Get with the program and get better quality looking not only beef but, produce as well. I rate your produce right up there with Walmart.

  28. nancy jacobs says:

    i bought some things last night andd saw where if you bought 3 boxes of cocoa krispies you would get them for 2 dollars a box! when i checked out they rang up 499 a box. i told the girl and she sent a gal to look. when she came back she said if you buy 3 you would get a 2 dollar coupon ! what good is that? i think i am going to shop at fred meyers from now on! they mark the prices very plain ! no mistakes! i was a fan of albys a while ago but this is the last straw! i will stop shopping at safeway too because it wont be long before they practice the same tactics! oh wait a minute they already do!

    • Daniel Rowley says:

      Here here, good for you.Go to grocery outlet and at least you will know what you pay for what you get. Again, i am so sorry that the rumor is true about Albertson buying out Safeway.

  29. larry wood says:

    Very helpful customer service. Trish was most helpful.

  30. pati meyer says:

    I live in Hailey Idaho and as far as I am concerned this is the best Albertson you have. All the people are wonderful, fun, helpful and really do an outstanding job. I enjoy going to shop there it is such a great time. However the new green shirts are the worse. That color green only looks good on a few and it certainly does not make me hungry.

  31. margie gray says:

    I was so excited to find Robin Eggs at Albertson’s store # 4149
    Walmart did not have them plus for Albertson’s WOOT !

  32. Rufus Scott says:

    Love the weekly sales. Staff very professional and helpful. And store nice and Clean all the time.

  33. Sharon Swearingen says:

    Very helpful people work at Albertsons.

  34. Larry Lorden says:

    There is no better store around with great prices and service with exceptional service in the butcher shop with Al and Teresa who go out of their way to see you get exactly what you want. The checkers, that have been there for years, still do a great job and always have smiling faces and care about their customers. Don’t change anything or anyone as I don’t want to go anywhere else. Thank you Albertsons!!!!!!

  35. Jeannine Potter says:

    Store 0923 in Enchanted Hills is a very nice store with helpful people.My cashier was 126 today.

  36. Mary Nardone says:

    Teresa is the nicest associate in the store, everyone is nice, but Teresa in the meat department goes out of her way to help you.

    • Mary Nardone says:

      Just today, I needed Korean ribs, and couldn’t find any, Teresa from the meat department made the for me, and I know have them in my fridge marinating.
      Everyone, is so nice in this store. I will always come back. Even Alvin the store director is kind, and asks if he can help. Once I asked him to order cherry water, since he had all the other flavor’s in but never cherry. Now its in his store all the time. (Redondo Beach Store) 615 pacific coast HWY.

  37. Mary Anne Bono says:

    My husband and I shop at Albertsons in Arcadia Calif. at least 3 times a week. We find the people who work there extremely helpful. Today Lupe checker # 321 was very helpful. My husband and I want to make sure the Lupe is recognized as the helpful, friendly person she is. Lupe and the other staff members are what makes shopping at our Albertsons especially pleasant.

  38. Laura DePalma says:

    I do not usually shop at Albertsons but we do go to Nancy in the bakery EVERY year for our son’s birthday cake and our daughter’s birthday cake. Only one year out of seven years did we try something different. WE WERE VERY DISAPPOINTED! Nancy has done specialty cakes for us that not only look amazing….but they taste EVEN BETTER!! Everything from a Cars cake to Minnie Mouse to a Daniel Bryan WWE cake!! We are so pleased with the customer service she provides, she really goes the extra mile to make my kids cakes look so special!! We will NEVER go anywhere else because of the work Nancy does!!

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