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  1. $100 grocery gift card

Tell Kroger Gift Card Survey Sweepstakes Rules

  1. You can enter or win whether you have made purchase or not.
  2. You can enter the survey as many times as you like via online or mail entry, however, each online entry is limited to one per receipt.
  3. Winners will be notified by postal mail. Limit one prize per person.

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey Usability Reporttips

  1. PC/Notebook usability rating: 4/5. About 10 minutes to finish, 2 open questions, need receipt.
  2. Tablet usability rating: 3/5. No mobile page for Tablet. 2 open questions, need to enter personal information.
  3. Smartphone usability rating: 2/5. No mobile page for smartphones. You can still finish Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey via smartphone, it may take more than 10 minutes to finish.

Tell Kroger Gift Card Survey Sweepstakes Entry

  1. Web entry. For customers who have the receipt, visit the Tell Kroger gift card survey official site and complete the survey.
  2. Mail-in entry. Hand print your name, complete address and telephone number on a postcard and mail to: Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes, PMI Station, PO Box 3526, Southbury, CT 06488-3526.

Tell Kroger Gift Card Survey Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the Tell Kroger gift card survey official site.
  2. Enter date, time, store number, terminal number, transaction number, operator number and survey entry code shown on your receipt.
  3. Select answer to the question “Which of the following departments did you browse or purchase from during your most recent visit to this particular Kroger?”
  4. Rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at this Kroger
  5. Select answers to the questions like “Did you use the self-checkout?” based on your visit.
  6. Give your ratings to your satisfaction with the aspects such as products, price etc based on your visit.
  7. Answer the open question that about the reason you were satisfied or not satisfied with your experience.
  8. Leave your other comments
  9. Enter your personal contact information such as your name, phone number etc and click “Next” to finish the survey.

Kroger Gift Card Survey Video by Surveybag
Kroger is moving the survey to Kroger Feedback, read the latest article from Surveybag and make sure you are in the right place for $5,000 gift card. If you have any problem or difficulty to finish Kroger online gift card survey, refer to the following survey video recorded by Survebag editorial team. You can also find those related questions and answers related to Kroger customer survey in this article.

More Information about Kroger
Kroger was established more than 100 years ago. Kroger now is known as a huge retailer in the USA. Kroger is the first grocery company to operate its own bakeries. It does business in over 30 states. It has almost 2,500 stores serving people. There are the Kroger values that attract people a lot :honesty, integrity, respect for others, diversity, safety, and inclusion. Now online shopping makes it easier for people to get access to Kroger products. Rebates are offered from time to time. You can even search and apply a job online.

Kroger offers gift cards. You can buy Kroger Gift Cards Online. “Earn fuel points by buying gift cards in-store at Kroger and use them instead of cash at your favorite stores and online retailers.” What’s more, Kroger offers many promotions. The first is Digital Coupons. You can download right to your Shopper’s Card…worth up to $150 in savings. The second is Special Email Promotions. You can register online to receive special promotions and your store’s weekly ad will be emailed straight to your inbox. The third is Save on Fuel. You can fill your tank for less. Learn how to earn fuel savings just by shopping at Kroger. The last one is Get Savings On-the-Go with Our Mobile App.

About Kroger Customer SurveyTell Kroger Gift Card Survey
Survey Website: www.tellkroger.com
Survey Incentive: $100 Kroger Gift Card
Host Website: www.tellkroger.com
Marketing Support: Service Management Group

Reference Links

  1. The Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules
  2. Kroger Facebook page -  www.facebook.com/Kroger
  3. Kroger Twitter page -  twitter.com/KrogerCo
  4. Kroger Gift Card page – giftcards.kroger.com
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1,471 comments on “www.tellkroger.com – $100 Tell Kroger Gift Card Survey

  1. Rhonda Tipton says:

    Small refunds issued by Kroger, back to credit cards, usually never show up. This has happened repeatedly! Today I got my American Express credit card statement. A refund of $3.49 didn’t show up – once again! I’ve taken to asking for a Kroger gift card because your company seems to deliberately “overlook” issuing credit for small amounts.

  2. Sandra K Kolacek says:

    Kroger’s is very convenient to my home only 1.5 miles. Today the produce person was very helpful in giving me some suggestions on bananas that I was not aware of. The pharmacy employee was very helpful in locating the item that I needed in their area. Mike Toon the associate in the self cash out is always very helpful. I am so glad that he has been moved over to that position he has become a much more pleasant and helpful associate for Kroger’s.

    Since I have retired and am on a fixed income now, I really enjoy the Kroger products; they have helped me considerably with the lower cost.

  3. Steve Bretz says:

    Ever since Kroger built their first Forest Park store east of Winton Rd. They have supported our annual Forest Chapel church Pancake Supper. We buy a large part of our dinner supplies from Kroger, and they buy the center section add on our placemat. We are pleased that Kroger is willing to continue this practice on an annual basis, and THANK YOU for the support.

  4. Mira De says:

    I used to work for Kroger main office in Cincinnati, OH I was very happy, I had to leave because I moved to Tucson, AZ, Customer ser vice is extremely good, professional, it is the only store I and my whole family use.

  5. Farina says:

    I love my Kroger at 7000 East Broard Street especially now that the has been remodel.

  6. June Tanaka says:

    I tried to participate in http://www.frogerfeedback.com but could not. Today, April 8, 2014 I shopped at 1413 Hawthorne Blvd. Ralph’s and would like to tell you that it is the Ralph’s I shop at the most. Joseph Dominguez, the butcher, has always been very helpful. Today as usual he helped me with efficiency which makes shopping there a pleasure. Joseph is always ready to help me and answers many of my questions to my satisfaction. I would like you to know that I consider him a very good employee for Ralph’s Meat Department. June Tanaka

  7. Emily Rowell says:

    Krogers has agreat store at1980 Rio Hill Center Its always very clean and the workers are always reay to help you.

  8. mary riemann says:

    very good store ,i like to shop there

  9. monica philips says:

    Quinte Isaac gave awesome customer service in the meat department

  10. Sharon Frazee says:

    Great store.

  11. Diane Patterson says:

    The only place to shop in Lexington, KY. I am always impressed for Kroger employee attention to
    customer satisfaction.

  12. Diane Patterson says:

    I have been shopping at Kroger for as long as I can remember, and I have always been extremely pleased with their attention to customer service. I would not shop anywhere else.

  13. Clark Metsker says:

    Amber was great at checkout. I always use King Soopers for groceries. I really like the selections.

  14. Sharon Proulx says:

    Lou, at register, is so polite and friendly

  15. nancy benefield says:

    Shop kroger all the time!! Love our store in Columbia, and are so excited to see Sami Naddy back in the pharmacy!!!Sure have missed him since he left years ago. Please keep him there and the rest of the staff there are so helpful and always so nice.!!! I really enjoy shopping at my Kroger store!!!

  16. alfred somazzi says:

    We are daily customer due to the fact that Fred Meyer stores offer not only quality, but a big inventory on groceries, clothes ect. ect.

  17. Sandra Thompson says:

    We have been in AZ since 1970 and in those years Fry’s has been our one and only grocery store.

  18. Deborah H Price says:

    I love my Kroger Store. Bonsack not so much the store is too cut up hard to shop. It’s a newer store does not appeal to much to me.

  19. Anna says:

    Okay your web site is not very friendly! It is a good thing I was impressed with Hope and Kevin at your store on 3100 N Glassford Rd. Was visiting the area and stopped at the Starbucks to a drink. Hope and Kevin were very friendly and helpful. IF I could have I would have giving them a big tip.

  20. Terry McFarland says:

    Montrose Kroger…..That’s my store. Always shop there.

  21. Lew Petty says:

    Why can I not click on site and just do the survey. instead of all the extra bull s—.

  22. Alfred Fayer says:

    I typed in Krogerfeedback for gas points for doing the surveys and I couldn’t
    find the page I wanted. I tried Tellkroger.com and that wa s of no help.Any comments?

  23. Shirley Murphy says:

    I love shopping at Kroger, the deals are awesome.

  24. elaine swank says:

    Alina Ventura in the Ralph’s pharmacy in Fullerton was very helpful with a difficult pre-authorization process in order to receive many prescriptions. She is one I can count on if I need extra help?
    Elaine Swank

  25. g. K. gates says:


  26. g. K. gates says:


  27. Harold Hartman says:

    great kroger/Scotts fuel point is great

  28. Nancy Edmonds says:

    I love shopping at Kroger, especially my discount card.

  29. jack braden says:

    very helpful

  30. Sherrie Lindsey says:

    My cashier Cheryl was extremely helpful and courteous!

  31. socorro rodriguez says:

    good service.

  32. Eleanor Dayton says:

    I went in my Tillamook Fred Meyer to buy the “Women’s cold weather head wraps” that were on the front page of the ad. They only had about 5, selection was very poor. The clerk said they had not ordered any even tho it was a featured item. I was very disapointed!

    I was also looking for Mint Chocolate Chips which they did not have.

  33. Sherri Billman says:

    I have only shopped at Krogers for many yrs. There is no reason to change as Krogers has great selections and prices.

  34. Mr. Fredrick A.Ramos says:

    I enjoy shopping at Kroger, The Store is always clean and the prices are great. I enjoy there fruits. the the employees are always helpful. Keep up the good work. If I were to win a gift card it would be more of a reason to shop with you guys. keep up the good work God bless. F.Ramos

  35. patricia olsson says:

    We love krogers I love all my coupons and free stuff shopped at krogers since 1981 .
    and would love to win a gift card

  36. Patty Roush says:

    I love shopping at Kroger’s. I always find everything I need and the store personnel are wonderful to assist me whenever I need help. I have shopped at Kroger’s for over 40 years!

  37. Diana Niskala says:

    I really enjoy your meat department in the Fruita Colorado store. All the employees there were very helpful especially the man Clarence. While I was there he was courteous and offered assistance when I couldn’t find something. You are very lucky to have a hard working employee such as him.

  38. Barb Schutzenhofer says:

    ALWAYS friendly employees! Even when I try and do the self-checkout and get frustrated. There is always someone there to help me through it!

  39. Pita L.R. Nabholz says:

    I like Kroger’s because it’s close to the house, and it usually has whatever we need. The new store remake is nice, but now we have to learn where everything is at..
    I am trying to do the survey, so hopefully this is it, Joe at check out told me it would be simple..

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